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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

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My Real Life
Hey! Say! JUMP
 This Journal is dedicate for my daily life, my thought, and my fandom[mostly HSJ].
It also for my lj friends that want to know about me. 
Let's have some fun.

Sorry but this lj is semi f-locked....

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Sorry, I don't remember if I wrote to you .. so Happy New Year and Merry Christmas !! *-*
Continue writing these fanfictions (if you can, sure) and.. continue loving Jump, xD

if I already wrote for you, sorry, xD

happy new year to you too...sorry for the late reply...
real life is getting busier..

yup2.. i will...
no, this is the first time you write for me..^^

thanks !! *-*
oh, no problem, (:
really!? are you working too?!

(: that's good, because they will release a new single and etc. nee~
aah, yukata !! O/


you're welcome...^^
I'm not working but studying which take most of my time...

aaah, understand now.. well i'm on holidays.. but my classes start on february T_T

yeah, yukata means.. thanks God.. if this was a question.. xD

will goodness be the banner you raise, cause with his last breath, severus said take it, take it, .. living in disguise,a true wizard on the inside, not afraid? of what he had to do, he was the bravest man i ever knew .. those lines always make me feel like crying ..
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