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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

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Replying ^^
Hey! Say! JUMP
I suddenly feel like replying. ^^ It may be a good thing ne~ replying~~ ^^
even someone prevent me from doing this,

My post is to friend list only and most of my friends barely know me and they don’t even know you.
Only that one person can know you and read my post.
But I guess it still wrong.
I think it’s normal for girls to get excited when people attract to her.
I don’t know why that story annoys you so much.
But I guess, again.
I want people to like me.
Not because I like him.
I just want people think I’m pretty.
I guess that wrong again.
This time my post is not for friend only.
So you can read it.
It’s a good thing deshou?
You can go on with your compliment,
Because I always get this doki doki feeling when I read it.

Hrmm... To you who is related,
I’m sorry too,
I guess I made your world miserable,
Be questioned and asked,
But I think your world is complete enough without me,
Yup yup,
I didn’t have the chance to say these words before,
Good Bye.

Sorry for the immaturity in this post.
I always childish and sometimes it leads me to dreadful things.
This is one of its.