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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

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Hey! Say! JUMP
I rarely open my lj now for some reasons.
I'm so sorry for not pay much attention to your lj and not commenting and not even reading it.
I'm truly sorry.

Let's continue to the story of my drama~
Although I'm the scriptwriter co-scriptwriter actually , I get the smallest character and that is lady in waiting or in Malay 'Dayang'. However, I satisfy with the character because our scene is the scene where everyone will laugh. In the beginning, everyone accept the script but suddenly one day, they ask us to change it because it's too dull. A few days after that, we have to send the script and it be a burden to us to edit it back. But still, to satisfy everyone we need to change it. Then, suddenly, the director want to change it. Haish~ We let he change it and he send it. Yay! Then we practice as usual. But it's quite boring to have the same practice everyday. I still go to the practice and only escape once. ^^ However, few days before the real drama, we need to edit the script again because it exceed the time given. We edit it without the director because he was too busy with his debate. He come back a day before the real drama and just have to accept the script. What can we do? 

Th real drama was at night, and surprisingly, I don't have the doki doki feeling. But there is one time I almost laugh on the stage. Because our scene was funny. Seriously! I don't think our drama is a success but it's satisfying. ^^ Well done to our drama group!. 

Watching the drama next night really relaxing~ Congratulation to all of them too... that's all for me. I have a new fandom and will tell you next time we meet. ^^