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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

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Miss me???
Hey! Say! JUMP
we meet again...^^ I don't know what to type though... hehe.. it's okay...just wanna wish minna, Happy CNY and Valentines...

I have a lot of stories to tell if there are still people who want to know bout it...I hope there are..^^ next time, I'll tell you about my drama and I as the scriptwriter..

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Happy CNY and Valentines too... Although I don't specially celebrate it since I have a 100th day of mourning. I don't know what the best to call it. But in Indonesia, there's a custom where the family of the dead holds a prayer together with the community to pray for the death. It's usually on the first, third, seventh, 100th, and 1000th. I also don't know how the custom in Malaysia... Maybe someday you can tell me...

Hoo... I can't wait your story about your drama. I love watching drama but I think I missed my juniors performances... Why did anyone remind or tell me??? Owh... congratz for you being a scriptwriter... That must be tough...

^^ thanks~ I don't celebrate it too actually. No, we don't have that in Malaysia~ Haii~ I will,

Our drama?? well, it turn out fine~ Thanks!

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