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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

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I don't want to wake up!
Hey! Say! JUMP
I have a very nice dream last night....XDD
First, about me be one of Ya Ya yah...Isn't that great?? We was about to perform on stage and the mc gave the microphone to me and I passed it back to Yabu....Then, it's end...T__T Such a short dream.....

Okay the second one, I need to warn Jisan to not read this.....

Papa know half of the story......allow me to make it in fanfic version...XDDD
It's between me and Nakaken (Nakajima Kento)... I'm not sure why I dreamt of him instead of HSJ members.... Do I watch him a lot lately? What I know, not even a single boy came out of my out in these two days...hrmm...maybe because of that team batista SP....I think...XDD

I was walking, climbing the stairs and I saw you right in front of me. You were talking to other girl. You were smiling, laughing happily while chatting with the girl. My heart suddenly said that how lucky that girl was. You two stopped and the girl suddenly went to somewhere else, left us alone. You looked at me and smiled. You took my hand which make my heart beat faster than normal. You pulled to a place. There was no word between us. You sat on a marble bench and I sat beside you. Suddenly, I felt cold. Then, you hugged me from my back, making me felt warm again. I looked at your eyes, wanted to ask something but I stopped when I see your smile. For the first time I felt your smile was so calming and I was astonished by it. I smiled turned my face from yours. Slowly, I placed my head on your chest and closed my eyes. It's really calming and I wanted us stay like this forever. I wished we were.

That's enough! XDD I want to continue but after that a friend of mine come. She is my school friend. Such a bad spoiler of my sweet dream. Haish~ She come in my dream...yeah! I know this is a weird dream.... I felt like a real pervert now for dreaming such thing....XDD Nakaken's fans, please don't kill me....

I hate an old man who want to tackle a young girl.....Uweekkk~ so disgusting!..