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Nekomiou no kokoro

A heart that wanted to be heard

My Real Life
Hey! Say! JUMP
 This Journal is dedicate for my daily life, my thought, and my fandom[mostly HSJ].
It also for my lj friends that want to know about me. 
Let's have some fun.

Sorry but this lj is semi f-locked....

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Replying ^^
Hey! Say! JUMP
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Lucky star
Hey! Say! JUMP
I write a poem just for fun.
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Hey! Say! JUMP
I don't think I own you any story now.
Just wanna tell that I'll be hiatus starting tomorrow
will be back on
20th March
Please wait for me.

Hey! Say! JUMP
I rarely open my lj now for some reasons.
I'm so sorry for not pay much attention to your lj and not commenting and not even reading it.
I'm truly sorry.

Let's continue to the story of my drama~
Although I'm the scriptwriter co-scriptwriter actually , I get the smallest character and that is lady in waiting or in Malay 'Dayang'. However, I satisfy with the character because our scene is the scene where everyone will laugh. In the beginning, everyone accept the script but suddenly one day, they ask us to change it because it's too dull. A few days after that, we have to send the script and it be a burden to us to edit it back. But still, to satisfy everyone we need to change it. Then, suddenly, the director want to change it. Haish~ We let he change it and he send it. Yay! Then we practice as usual. But it's quite boring to have the same practice everyday. I still go to the practice and only escape once. ^^ However, few days before the real drama, we need to edit the script again because it exceed the time given. We edit it without the director because he was too busy with his debate. He come back a day before the real drama and just have to accept the script. What can we do? 

Th real drama was at night, and surprisingly, I don't have the doki doki feeling. But there is one time I almost laugh on the stage. Because our scene was funny. Seriously! I don't think our drama is a success but it's satisfying. ^^ Well done to our drama group!. 

Watching the drama next night really relaxing~ Congratulation to all of them too... that's all for me. I have a new fandom and will tell you next time we meet. ^^

Miss me???
Hey! Say! JUMP
we meet again...^^ I don't know what to type though... hehe.. it's okay...just wanna wish minna, Happy CNY and Valentines...

I have a lot of stories to tell if there are still people who want to know bout it...I hope there are..^^ next time, I'll tell you about my drama and I as the scriptwriter..

This is it!
Hey! Say! JUMP
baka~ daily motion which stuck in the middle of watching it...haish~ baka baka baka...I need to create an outline for my listening n speaking but the truth is I don't even remember how to make that origami box...haish~ need to work more on that....Conclusion I can't watch any drama today coz not much time left...

A day to memorize~
Hey! Say! JUMP
I promise to papa to tell what happen on sunday.....so here it is....

On 20th December 2009, I went out to eat at Pizza Hut and bought birthday gift for my friend. I went out with my classmate aka friend, pingu (not real name). We are both small in size so we looks like a twins. XD I wore a white long skirt with a white sleeveless blouse plus a black cardigan with cute ribbon tie. I love the ribbon. At 5 o'clock we went out of the hostel and suddenly, there a group of guy stared at us.

"Nice dress," one of them said. We didn't care and continue to the bus stop. A group of other guys were also there and they were asking where were we going. As usual, we didn't answer. We sat, waiting for the bus. A guy asked me, 'Are you going for a dinner?' I shook my head and said no. Haish~ Why would I go to a dinner with a bus? Is it because of the way I dress? I don't know. There was a bas waiting right in front of us but that was not the bus that we were waiting for. There were lots of guy there kept staring at us. They even played with the curtain at the window until the bus came. Fuh~ finally~

We entered the bus and yeah~ no body in it.. great~ After a few stop, lots of guy entered the bus. They filled the bus till the fullest which meaned we were the only girls in the bus. A guy right behind me kept trying to talk to me. He greeted but not as nice as a gentleman would do and I didn't reply. He kept asking and asking till I was forced to answer fews questions.

"We are from this Uni," I said, looking to the window. I didn't want to see his face which I never did.

"She a Uni student," He announced it to the whole bus. What the ****? I was afraid and I was shivering on the bus. I hate that guy but what should I do in a bus that full with guys.

"Where are you going?" He asked again.

"Mall," I answered slowly. I'm not sure if he heard it or not. He was chatting with his friend about it but I could not hear it well.Finally, they got down from the bus. We went straight to the mall. I had to buy a bottle of ink for the home's printer.

From the elevator, someone kept saying what people usually do when they call a cat. I wanted to laugh to think that I would meet my coursemate here at the mall but I stopped smiling right after I turned back. There were three guy behind us and we don't know them. We walked faster and and they kept repeating it. They still following us. We almost finished rounding the whole floor and they still behind us. Lastly, Pingu pulled me to a shop and they walked away and stopped saying the words. Fuhh~

Yay! Eating time. We went to the Pizza Hut restaurant. When we were about to enter the door, the man who was at the door holding the door like we were not allowed to enter. We were like, hrmm, Is the restaurant full? We already reversed and were about to walk away until he finally opened the door.

"I thought you will mad or something," The guy said. We didn't reply. He gave us a seat near the staff only room which lots of staff walked beside us. It's annoying. When I sat, the ink that I buy fell and I was struggling reaching it at the floor while he was giving the menu list. He already gave the menu list to Pingu but he didn't give it to me while he could do that by placing the menu on the table. Duh~~ Right after I settled with my things then he placed the menu on my plate..(you know that Pizza Hut already place plate on every table) He still stood there and we were like 'Are we suppose to order now?'... After a fews second, he went away. and here came the trainee which a new woker there with his senior taking our order. Every time I said an order, my friend will repeat it and the senio will repeat it too. So we were satified and also the senior and they walked away.

While waiting for the order, the waiters kept walking beside us, cleaning the table that already clean. Right beside our table was the sink where people washed their hand there and there was a guy washed his hand and suddenly stood right beside our table and hold himself, staring at us. I was really didn't understand what was happing at that time. The order came and yay! but wait!. Where is lasagna? Pingu wanted to see our bill to make sure so I give her and yup. There was not lasagna in the bill. What did they expect? I should call them to order once again. No way! In the process of eating, as usual waiters walked rapidly beside us but there were some funny thing happen. There was a waiter walked really fast beside us and he glanced at us. Right after that he slipped and most of the things he brought fell to the floor. hahaha~ Right after that a guy came and pulled out the bill from under the table and pap! another clipboard fell. The manage was there and said, "Here is another person," At first we didn't understand but now we know that the manager referred to. XD It's a shame because he confidently, pulled it out. Maybe he mad or something that he pulled out our bill and threw it into the bin. WHAT!!! yeah! that was our expression that time.

Great!! now, how should we pay our bill. Fortunately, there was a button on the table for bill. We pressed it but there was no answer. Second time still no answer. Third time, the door guy came and bring our bill. Great!.

"I want to see your face little longer, so I don't want you to go out of this restaurant that fast," He said that but to Pingu not to me.

"Take a picture, it last longer," Pingu being sarcastic.

"Really?" He already hold his phone. We wanted to run away already that but he blocked the way. But then he laughed and walked away. Yeah! We quickly ran after that.

That's not the end but don't worry. I'll continue later.

Collection complete
Hey! Say! JUMP
I just want to tell that my mag hsj 2009 collection is complete...Only have duet, myojo, potato, popola and wink up though...T__T after this...I'm planning on collecting official photo

I don't want to wake up!
Hey! Say! JUMP
I have a very nice dream last night....XDD
First, about me be one of Ya Ya yah...Isn't that great?? We was about to perform on stage and the mc gave the microphone to me and I passed it back to Yabu....Then, it's end...T__T Such a short dream.....

Okay the second one, I need to warn Jisan to not read this.....

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